AL.OS Augmented Leadership Operational System

Get your Transformations under Control!

Augmented Leadership Operational System AL.OS

To steer your business, you have to be well informed and your decision flows well defined.

Our upcoming Augmented Leadership Operational System (AL.OS) maps your decision flows, initiatives and issues, operates teams, manages improvement logs, offers capability and skill-based strategic resource planning and follows up on alarms and entropy hotspots. All without loosing the grip on your project KPIs, and providing comprehensive ontology maps like our visualisation tools.

You can make AL.OS as open or private as you want. Role-based access rights for your managers and staff are configurable. Sharing your data will give every employee a voice to suggest improvements and be a part of your success story.

Administration is easy. Implementation is painless.

By mapping your organisation, these tools will reveal entropy hotspots, showing you where to improve your decision flows and hierarchies. This is a great way to introduce continuous improvement (Kaizen).

We display a clear EQ and ontology maps of your company as a whole to help you visualise and control your business.

Use the science of great business, combine intelligence, become evolutionary and agile.

Your entire Organisation on one screen!

Can you run your whole organisation from one screen?

Do you have a clear view of all your operations, governance, projects, initiatives, workforce, resources, budgets, risk and dependencies?

You probably spend a lot of time using Excel, and several systems, to fully understand and run your business.

Our Augmented Leadership Operational System (AL.OS) will bring four new dimensions to your leadership capabilities and operations:

1 – Map the ontology, workforce, hotspots and KPIs of your entire organisation with clear visuals.

2 – See every entity, link and dependency on a timeline. Use it to track your progress and prepare for the future.

3 – Create an entropy level for each area of your business, so you can see where to improve first.

4 – Map and manage proactively your workforce using our Capability Matrix and make your workforce management strategic (SWM).

Entropositive propose a disruptive model of monitoring and reporting, one that will change the way organisations make decisions. Our entropy metrics will help you quantify your energy waste, and you’ll make smarter decisions using our four fundamental principles: purpose, values, constraints and entropy.

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