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Hedera Governing Council

I am following up for some time Hedera Hashgraph, as I consider it to be the future of optimised Blockchain technology. They are now starting a global consultation with major players in the world to design and shape the platform which will enable global digital...

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Current IT Systems: End of Lifecycle

Digital Transformation is one thing, managing risks is the other one! If we do not transform profoundly, the systemic risk of disruption of service raises. We can see more and more outages, more difficult to repair, with bigger impact. The Entropy Quotient sky-rockets...

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You feel bad? good! 

You feel bad? good! Caught in a spiderweb? No change will arise if we all are comfortable and indifferent. Getting to the next level needs the fuel out of exactly that tension. The Augmented Leader is leaving reality filters behind, growing up. Expect distress. Use it...

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What does Entropositive mean?

Where does "entropositive" mean? It is a contraction of entropy and positive. Scientists will tell us "how can entropy be positive?" It is always a negative value, as it represents energy becoming un-available during a transformation. But we did not like...

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