Pricing and Pre-Order Subscriptions

Entropositive are currently developing new Reporting Visuals and a complete Governance Operational System platform (GovOS), which we believe will have a massive impact on the way we run business until now.

Our system will use Reporting Visuals and dashboards to optimise and automate your project or programme reporting and operations. We have a first solution for programme reporting, which can be used to track your status, progress, and various KPIs, ready and available for 30€/month.

We continue building another Reporting Visual, containing an ontology map, available in pre-order, and expected to be delivered in December 2017.

We expect the full governance operational platform solution to be delivered latest in March 2018, but possibly earlier, depending on the number of pre-subscribers.

We appreciate your help and patience. As an incentive, and to show our gratitude, for choosing to support us, we are offering a massive 50% discount for your first year subscription.

We greatly appreciate your confidence in us, and your help to get our developments going in the right direction. We’re sure you’ll be able to really impress your shareholders with GovOS and our reporting visuals!

Thank you for you support!