Pre-Order: AL.OS Augmented Leadership Operational System, 1 year subscription, 50% off

24.000,00  12.000,00  excl. VAT for 1 year

Pre-order the complete AL.OS platform for one year at a 50% discount. Delivery expected March 2019.


Get Transformation finally under control!

Visualise every aspect of your organisation, design and configure the complete ontology, stay in control of entropy quotients, have KPI of activities and initiatives on one screen, on a timeline. Enable predictive analytics, forecast the sustainability of each activity. Initiate optimising entropositive initiatives and make them part of the ontology to monitor them, along with existing transformation projects or programmes. Operate governance forums, capability matrix and skill-based strategic workforce and resource planning, continuous improvement and issue logs. 50% off for pre-orders for early adopters. Expected to hit the market March 2019.

Talk to us before ordering, a personalised implementation service, training programme and some coaching might be necessary!


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