Entropositive Visualisation Tools

The way we perceive a problem defines the way we react to it.” – Barry Schwarz 

A new way of viewing project management: facts, not opinions!

Entropy in business refers to the amount of energy or work expended which leads towards your organisation’s goals.

High entropy = low efficiency, productivity and sustainability (In other words, more wasted energy!)

All companies have a limited amount of energy, so you need to optimise it. To track your energy usage, we created data visualisation boards.

These (r)evolutionary tools make your entropy visible, which gives you the ability to monitor, predict and prepare for it.

Our visualisation tools help improve your governance

See where issues may occur and solve them before they become a problem.

See your success

Our visualisation tools create a comprehensive map of your organisation, with detailed visuals of its entities, links and dependencies.

They will model future scenarios to forecast development, disruption or decline.

Helping you clearly visualise linkages and change over time so that you know how to sustainably grow.

Entropositive Visual Tools are intuitive and easy to use . You won’t lose time and money to long staff-training courses.

Track your entropy

Our Visualisation Tools will create an entropy-level for every area of your business.

Revealing those that could be improved as hotspots on your map.

The entropy levels are colour-coded, for example:

Red = high entropy, direct threat to sustainability, immediate action vital
Amber = needs attention, may become a threat, Entropositive initiatives required
Green = low entropy/high efficiency, keep watching for evolutions

You can customise your colours; in case you think red hotspots are too mainstream.

Entropositive tools will help you make informed decisions about which initiatives to implement.
With our support, your map will soon be showing fields of green!
(Or whatever progressive colour you associate with success)

We give you the most dynamic, visual and accurate perspective!

Maximise your time, energy and potential to get transformations under control. Order or pre-order Reporting Visuals!

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Visualisation of data and facts

Our tools process data from a variety of sources, rendering it in a clear, understandable way.

Instantly view the status of any department or initiative on a timeline, with our gauges and graphs, and identify problems in any area of your organisation.

Use reporting functions to create and deliver professional reports automatically, simplifying your communication with stakeholders. You can securely share statuses and projections offering transparency where it matters.

We provide cloud database integration with a wide range of data and monitoring solutions. You’ll receive notifications on data quality to help your organisation run more smoothly.


Understand where problems occur


See your data with simple visuals


Map data in the past, present and future


View the status of your progress

Consult us for your custom visuals and BI on demand!